The Berner Musikkollegium (BMK) is an amateur orchestra – only the conductor and concertmaster are professional musicians. The orchestra was founded in 1909. Over the years it evolved from a saloon to a symphony orchestra of remarkable quality and size contributing to the music scenery of Bern. Today we are 65 active members of all ages and professions and with passion and love for music.

You want to play with us? Please let us know! Though rehearsals are done in German, we are used to have musicians from different background. Music is an universal language, so low or no knowledge of German is not a barrier – we always find somebody to translate as needed.

As registered association (and part of the EOV – Eidgenössischer Orchesterverband, Federal Orchestra Association), the BMK is financed by (active and passive) membership fees and by revenues from the concerts. In addition support from sponsors and patrons are important and allow us also to realize extraordinary projects.

Every year we rehearse and perform three programs. The repertoire spans across centuries of music, from baroque to classic and modern times, often with well known pieces, but also with unknown compositions performed as premiere.